The Vanilla Ice Project Home Renovation Ideas

vanilla ice project

For the star of the Vanilla Ice Project, Home Depot is a nice place to spend a few hours searching for the perfect bath fixture, shade of paint, or some other necessity for one of his remodeling features on the Vanilla Ice Code DIY Network.

If you’ve caught one or more episodes of the Vanilla Ice Project, Lowes or Home Depot may be your next stop.

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Each home renovation project portrayed on the series takes the viewer through a remodeling or renovation scheme that can be completed by the homeowner if you have the inclination to do so.

The former rap star has come a long way from belting out popular hits – now he wears a tool belt filled with construction remodeling essentials.

Truthfully though, Robert Van Winkle, aka Vanilla Ice, is continuing with his musical aspirations while also filming the Vanilla Ice Code DIY Network series that is scheduled to run a second season.

If after viewing a full season of the Vanilla Ice Project, Home Depot doesn’t seem like a good idea, perhaps you just aren’t a do-it-yourselfer!

For viewers of the Vanilla Ice Project, This Old House may seem a bit dull after watching a celebrity with a background in hip hop.

This home renovation show is designed to portray everything from basic to grandiose remodeling scenarios including bathroom remodels, bedroom renovations, and exterior upgrades that not only beautify the home but also improve its market value.

Tune in to the Vanilla Ice Code DIY Network for a few ideas on the type of home renovation that might turn your do-it-yourself home into a masterpiece!


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