Cuomo: The vaccine is on the way!

Andrew Cuomo

The Governor of New York; Andrew Cuomo held a conference today, November 15, proclaiming: The vaccine is on the way.

Cuomo talked about the battle nurses and doctors in medical facilities continue to face against the Covid-19 virus.

He also said we have to work together with courage to face this horrible virus.

\”The vaccine is on the way\”

But his concern is about who will have access to the vaccine. He wants to make sure that black and Latino communities have access, as these communities are the most vulnerable due to low income and limited medical resources such as insurance.

Cuomo is sure private medical companies will take charge of the distribution of the vaccine, and New York State is looking forward to working closely with these companies and with the federal government to provide the best service to every New York resident.

He also said illegal immigrants should not worry about their status, that everyone must have the right to medical attention.

He plans for an arsenal of doctors and health workers to hit the streets and get the vaccine to every corner of the state of New York. Still he worries that the federal government does not provide the necessary resources.

The relationship between Cuomo and Trump was not very good in the last 4 years and the governor says that Trump must learn from his mistakes and help save as many lives as possible in his term as president of the United States.


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