Clean your gutters before winter.

clean your gutters

Yes, it is time to clean your gutters before winter comes.

Gutter cleaning service is inexpensive and really has great benefits for your home.

For example a clean gutter prevent rainwater from seeping under the soffit siding and starting to have water leaks in your house.

What happen in winter when your gutter is clogged

When your gutter is clogged water stays and cannot go down then it will overflow. The rainwater seeps from under the drip edge or roofing shingles and begins the leaks inside and down the walls of the house.

Also when the temperature is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit the stgnant water in the gutter begins to freeze.

The gutter might get heavy and can cause a detachment from your house.

Keep your gutter clean is very important for the maintenance of your house.

We recommended you to get it clean couple times a year and before winter.

If you need assistance with your gutter please feel free to Call Tafur LLC commercial and residential maintenance service of Fairfield County.

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