The Art of Power Washing

Power washing of Shelton Connecticut

The art of power washing is the use of high pressure water spray to maintain and keep surfaces clean. The most common contaminants are mold, mildew, chewing gum, bird droppings, dust, cob webs, moss and grime.

To perform a safe and high quality service the specialist must understand the job capacity and different equipment settings.


Before starting the pressure washer machine and applying the solution it is crucial to identify the target areas and any issues.

There are several different restoration techniques; choosing which one to use depends on the surface material and type of contamination.

For example, we would not apply the same pressure on vinyl siding that is used on wood siding.

We also would avoid spraying hot water on windows or glass doors which could cause damage to seals or panes.

A roof covered in moss requires a much larger scope of attention and care as opposed to a mossy sidewalk. Most all types of roofs should be treated with solution and then rinsed with the soft washing technique. Soft washing prevents damage that high pressure washing sometimes causes.

These tips are just a few of many that we rely on daily while in the field. We have worked to perfect them over the years in the effort to complete thorough and safe jobs.

Well cleaned and well presented

At Tafur LLC , we apply the art of power washing. We understand that the visual appearance and aesthetics are just as important a part of commercial and residential maintenance. If the house or building looks great and projects are treated with appropriate products and techniques, you can expect your property or investment to hold value and structural soundness for years to come.

If you are more of a \”do-it-yourself\’er,\” we are always willing to offer our suggestions and help! Ask us how we can help you achieve those trouble-free and professional quality pressure washing results.

Confidence among challenges

Power washing; as a profession, is not without it\’s daily challenges. For instance, we continually encounter obstacles such as loose paint, high or low temperatures, high angles, rotted moldings or boards, broken window seals, highly contaminated surfaces and more.

With years of experiencing these types of situations on a regular basis, you can trust that our crew will provide reassuring answers if ever a question or problem arises.

See what the art of power washing can do for your home!

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