How to Hire a Home Inspector

Home inspector in Connecticut

If you don’t already know a home inspector, check with your real estate agent or family and friends for recommendations. You also can search online, but be sure to check online ratings and reviews. The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) has a Find An Inspector tool, as does the International Association of Certified Home […]

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Moving in Together?

Tafur LLC moving together

Moving in with a partner is a big step in any relationship. However, your excitement can quickly take a toll for the worst if you aren’t prepared. Harmonious cohabitation could be considered an art that takes years to master, but fortunately, you’ve got these five practical tips to make the transition seamless. Prepare Ahead of […]

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#NtaPropertyConnect: Architecture Design Explained

Designed by Inverse Group Often we are asked by our clients, the process of designing a home and how we can communicate with our architect if not available for meetings. In the era when communicating through online portals became so easy and fast, discussing the progress of your design became very easy. But lets start […] […]

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We want to do things different and better.

power washing of Fairfield Connecticut

Since the beginning we wanted to do things different and better, we want to make it easy for our neighbors and the Fairfield County area when they choose our service. Our mission is being in conditional with our clients, we want to be there when they need us, when they need any maintenance from removing […]

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Should you buy or rent Commercial Real Estate?

buy or rent

Whether you own an existing business or are in the process of setting up a new business, one question that is at the forefront of all business owners’ minds is – Whether to buy or rent your business premises? Worldwide the real estate market can fluctuate wildly and here in Fairfield, Connecticut the situation is […]

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