Preparing Your Outdoor Pool for the Winter

pool maintenance

Having a pool installed outside of your home is a great way to improve the enjoyment of your home. It’s also an excellent way to improve the curb appeal as well as the value of your home. However, odds are pretty good that you won’t be using your pool during the winter months. If you […]

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How to Choose a Responsive and Transparent Professional Manager to Safeguard Your Property?

property manager in Tafur LLC

Rental property is a resource that requires proactive and proficient administration to protect it appropriately. Your property needs an authorized, experienced property manager who is responsive and straightforward. Property maintenance can be a staggering task, particularly in case you are a first-time landowner. Many questions must have crossed your mind. What qualities do you need […]

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Gas Delivery Rate Adjustments in Connecticut by Eversource

New Gas rate adjustments

In 2018, the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) approved our application to increase natural gas delivery rates over a three-year period. We submitted this request so we could continue our work replacing aging cast-iron and bare-steel natural gas pipes. In accordance with that request, Eversource’s natural gas delivery rate was set to be effective […]

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Moving in Together?

Tafur LLC moving together

Moving in with a partner is a big step in any relationship. However, your excitement can quickly take a toll for the worst if you aren’t prepared. Harmonious cohabitation could be considered an art that takes years to master, but fortunately, you’ve got these five practical tips to make the transition seamless. Prepare Ahead of […]

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Green energy options for homeowners in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts

Tafur LLC Green energy

Switching to green energy supply has become one of the main priorities in a world threatened by climate change. Here are the options homeowners in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts have when it comes to switching to green energy. Green energy suppliers Switching to a green energy supplier comes without the need for an upfront […]

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Winter Warmers for Your Dog

Winter Warmers for Your Dog

Does your dog get cold on winter walks? If they’re reluctant to go out or shiver as they go, you might want to treat them to the luxury of a coat. There are all sorts of coats, jackets and hoodies available for dogs, and other warmers, too. Most are washable and easy to fit, and […]

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Ozone Generating

ozone generating

Some dog owners resign themselves to the presence of pet odors in the home. If your dog or puppy has an accident, it can be very difficult to remove the smell — especially from carpets or soft furnishings.  One solution is the use of ozone generating equipment. Ozone, an oxygen compound, is a powerful deodorizer. […]

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Information About Pteris Ferns

Pteris Ferns

Pteris ferns produce arching, pale green fronds that are made up of multiple lance-shaped leaflets. This variety of fern is a true fern and does not flower. Instead, these plants produce spores to reproduce. Pteris ferns like moist soil and high humidity since they grow wild in cool tropical climates. These ferns grow well as […]

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Start Living Green

Living green in Connecticut

Whether you live in the city, suburbs, or a larger piece of land, there are simple steps you and your family can take to feel good about improving and protecting the environment. Chances are you are already doing some form of recycling or actively reducing waste. Do you throw your cans and bottles into designated […]

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