Tafur LLC Pressure Washing – House and Roof soft Washing from Shelton Connecticut

Shelton pressure washing

When a client hire our roof and house pressure washing services or property maintenance service they get everything in one place.

A friendly customer, professional and experienced technicians, licensed and insured, affordable, top reviews in the pressure washing industry, family owned and operated.

I also have to mention that we are close to you since we are a local company.

We have had the opportunity to restore 90 percent of the roofs that we have diagnosed. Give us a call to get a free diagnosis and find out if your roof can be freed of mold, moss and mildew.

There are many reasons why it is necessary to clean your roof and two of them is knowing that it is important to keep your roof in excellent condition since this part of your home is the one that supports the entire structure of the house.
And another reason is that maintaining it will help you save thousands of dollars.

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