Soft Wash Roofs in New England

Roof Soft Washing in Shelton CT

We can see that roofs in the New England area become contaminated due to moisture regardless of the material that is protecting your home.

Cedar, asphalt, stone or metal are the most common roofing material installed in the northeastern United States, and in most cases these surfaces have been affected by not receiving enough sunlight.

Another reason why your roof is affected is in places where there is a lot of dust in the air for example busy roads.

Roofs hold this dust and over time it becomes a problem creating sandy layers that mixed with moisture help create moss.

And we all hate this element on our roofs!

Once the surface of your roof turns green, it will turn to moss and from there it begins to weaken the asphalt or rot the cedar shingles.

Prevention is much cheaper than repair and that is where a professional roof soft washing service becomes your best friend.

Roof soft washing is a technique in which the technician applies a solution or detergent to the roof surfaces and then rinses it off at low pressure.

The cleaning technician must analyze the roof, both its condition and age, and must make the best decisions to prolong the life of the roof.

After diagnosing, the cleaning technician will have to first determine all the safety steps to work properly.

Also how much pressure to use to finish the job.

The low pressure wash range is between 900 and 1200 psi.

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