Perfect Property Maintenance:  6 Simple Steps To Folllow

Tafur LLC property maintenance and power washing of Woodbridge Connecticut
Tafur LLC Property Maintenance

When it comes to property maintenance, there are no shortcuts – if you want to do an excellent job, you need to take your time and ensure you cover everything thoroughly and carefully. This is because the quality of a company will depend on the quality of maintenance services. 

You will quickly lose your business when you can’t satisfy your clients or tenants by not offering effective repairs. Here are six steps to help you achieve that perfect finish when maintaining a property.

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Step 1 – Make Callbacks Nonexistent

If you receive a call from a customer concerning a service request, your first response should be Is this an emergency? As a property manager, this is something to avoid. Allow your team to do an excellent job to avoid a call-back to redo the services.

Step 2 – Get The Harsh Truth

Don’t let your client always give you a positive recommendation. Sometimes, you need to hear the places you are failing. Homeowners often have unrealistic expectations about the services they pay. So, the feedback from clients and tenants is important. 

Step 3 – Become a licensed Contractor.

Since you’re looking at doing work on behalf of your clients, you must know the law of your area. A licensed contractor will have the right insurance coverage and be more likely to get work from other clients.


Step 4 – Get Manufacturers Certification

Check your manufacturer certification and warranty. If your manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty, you should be able to find the model number on the seal of approval or somewhere on the product itself. This is a good indication that it will last for a long time and you have to offer your clients a warranty on such products.

Step 5 – Enact Preventative Maintenance

For any business to be successful, it needs customers and clients. One of the best ways to keep those happy is to ensure they are not faced with a horrible experience when entering your establishment. This includes having a clean and tidy space ready for their arrival. A good way of doing this is by implementing preventative maintenance.

Step 6 – Document Everything

Instead of waiting for a problem to worsen, document what you need and when you need it. It’s easier than ever before with online tools. You can ask clients or tenants to figure out the source of the problem and report it. 

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