Ozone Generating

ozone generating

Some dog owners resign themselves to the presence of pet odors in the home. If your dog or puppy has an accident, it can be very difficult to remove the smell — especially from carpets or soft furnishings. 

One solution is the use of ozone generating equipment. Ozone, an oxygen compound, is a powerful deodorizer. An ozone generator fills an entire space with ozone, permanently removing pet odors from every nook and cranny. 

Ozone treatment has other positive benefits besides odor removal. The anti-microbial effect kills infectious agents like bacteria and viruses. Ozone also kills fungi and spores, making ozone generators an excellent choice for mold remediation. 

While you can buy or rent small ozone generators for home use, these aren\’t necessarily effective enough to tackle odors that have penetrated deeply into wood flooring, carpet pads or porous concrete floors. Commercial cleaning and pest control companies often carry professional-grade ozone generators as part of their equipment; these are better able to deal with stubborn odors. 


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