6 Ways Mom Can Bring Spring Indoors

New Canaan, CT Spring Indoors

Busy moms don’t have the luxury of frolicking in the garden, at least not every day, no matter how enticing the spring weather. That doesn’t keep us from wanting to jump in mud puddles and look for rainbows, does it? Mom, share your love for spring with your family with these 6 ideas for bringing spring indoors.

Whether you live in an apartment or a home, above or below the Mason-Dixon line, you’ll find these easy ideas perfect for spring. Your home will feel lighter, airier and more peaceful with these springy suggestions.

Plant an indoor herb garden.


Who doesn’t love cooking with fresh herbs or at least sniffing their heavenly scents? Everyone does! Buy a herb garden kit from a home improvement store or create your own from seedlings you’ve selected. Place it in a sunny spot and visit it every day.

Display patches of blue.

Add sky or robin’s egg blue to your decorating scheme, without hiring a decorator! Buy two blue throw pillows and a powder blue chenille throw. Toss them on the coach or on your bed – instant spring!

Window boxes of blooms.

Gardening is impossible for some moms, that doesn’t mean you have to abandon fresh flowers. Buy a roomy flower box and plant seasonal blooms.


Create a decorative spring tablescape.

Immerse yourself in spring every time you dine with an interesting table top display. Arrange pastel bud vases in the center of the table and place one fresh flower in each. Sprinkle scented silk rose petals around the base and a few porcelain birds. However, if curious fingers live in your home, you may wish to use plastic vases and birds.


Display spring-scented candles.

Mmm… the smells of spring. Arrange spring-scented candles in each room of your home. Scents like spring rain, fresh flowers and clean linen are often associated with this time of year. If burning candles is a concern for you, try an flameless, scented candle.


Hang spring-inspired mobiles.

Moms are so crafty, and they have to be, to keep kids busy. This spring, spend some time with your children creating a spring-inspired mobile. Use familiar figures like birds, flower blooms or even butterflies. Hang your mobiles from a ceiling fan, light fixture or in a well-lit window. Colored craft paper, even white paper, makes the perfect material for spring accents.

Each of these six ideas are ideal for showing your love for this cool, refreshing season. Do something just for yourself by trying one or two of these inspirational ideas.

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