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New Canaan CT Roof Cleaning

New Canaan, CT Roof Cleaning. Power Washing and soft washing restores roofing, siding, patios, decking, fencing and other outdoor features of a home.

The effect of power washing on the appearance of a home is dramatic, and it helps to prevent mold, mildew and other growth.

It\’s the most cost-effective thing a seller can do to get a house ready for sale.

And , if the seller wasn\’t smart enough to do it, and the buyer could se through the dirt and residue.

a rewarding service for the buyer to schedule as soon as possible after closing.

And if power washing isn\’t enough, professional painting and staining of exterior surfaces is a smart part of a regularly scheduled house maintenance program.

For sellers, power washing or a paint job can make an old house look new.

And can prove to be a very worthwhile and relatively small investment in selling a home.

For buyers, the fresh start can mean tons in terms of the look and feel of new home.

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