How damaging is the moss on your house?

Moss Tafur llc

Have you ever asked yourself how bad the moss on your roof or siding could be for your home?

Moss is the beginning of the end for the structure and health of your house.

Regarding your own personal health and the air you are breathing; moss is not harmful to humans, but there are multiple reasons you don\’t want to leave it sitting on your roof.

It absorbs the moisture from the damp environment and establishes roots causing the beginning of roof degradation.

The roots can lift up shingles and constant moisture can lead to bacteria and mold growth. Where as moss is not a health concern, mold definitely is!

These growths can expand over your entire roof and siding if you have limited sun exposure.

Your siding and roof not only contribute to the look of your home, but are the protection for everything within. It\’s easy to understand the importance of keeping your exterior in good shape by removing moss, repairing broken or rotted materials and/or sealing your roof and siding.

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