Buying a Manufactured Home

manufactured home

Manufactured homes have advanced significantly from the days of the mobile home.

Today’s manufactured homes look like a traditional built home and many times are built as well or even better than a traditional home.

Here are some of the advantages of buying a manufactured home for home buyers to consider.



The primary reason that many people consider a manufactured home is cost. In most cases, a manufactured home will cost about half or even less than a comparable site built home.

Often, manufacturers will include appliances, furniture or other incentives with the purchase of a manufactured home.

These incentives can help a home buyer to save even more money compared to the cost of a traditional home.


Though quality has traditionally been a problem with manufactured homes, this is no longer the case.

Today manufactured homes are built in state of the art facilities that assure that each home is made to meet high quality standards.

In fact, as the homes are built in facility by trained professionals the quality of manufactured homes are often more uniform than traditionally built homes.

As an additional assurance of quality, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sets strict guidelines for quality that manufacturers must follow.


Another area where manufactured homes offer a significant advantage over a traditional home is build time.

A buyer can often choose the home that he or she wants and be living in it in a matter of weeks instead of waiting many months (or even longer!) with a tradition home.

Manufactured homes are available with a variety of options to help the buyer to customize the home to meet his or unique needs.

These changes may add significantly to the time it takes to build a traditional home but will add little to the time it takes to build a manufactured home.

Manufactured home dealers have crews on hand that are experienced and knowledgeable about manufacturer and local requirements to make certain the home is quickly and properly setup.

Home Financing Options

Most manufactured homes can be purchased with a traditional mortgage (including VA and FHA loans).

However, manufactured home retailers often have special arrangements with a variety of lenders to help buyers to purchase a manufactured home. A person who cannot qualify for a traditional mortgage may be able to finance the manufactured home through a personal property loan or other type of loan.

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