Make Rentals Feel Like Home

You may not own it, but a rental is still your space and it\’s worth making it feel like home. There\’s a lot you cannot do in rentals, especially if you want your security deposit back. Luckily, there\’s also a lot you can do. Consider these five easy (and relatively cheap) ways to help make a rental space feel like home.

1. Area or Throw Rugs

Rentals are known for bland floors and boring wall-to-wall carpeting. Add some color, shape, and texture with a couple small area rugs. Large area rugs get pricey, but small accent rugs can go a long way without breaking the bank.

2. Wall Decals


The availability of temporary wall decals has flourished in the past few years. Whether you want birds, flowers, butterflies, inspirational words, geometric shapes, or just about anything else, you can probably do it with wall decals, which provide a great way to add personality to your rental. Temporary wall decals are removable and you can reposition them without damaging the wall, so you can have fun decorating and still get your security deposit back when you move out.

3. Lighting

Overhead lighting tends to be bright and harsh. If possible, use dimmers and soft white bulbs, especially in rooms where you want to relax. In addition, add table or floor lamps, which can add some warmer lighting and serve as pieces of home decor, even when turned off.

4. Plants

Add a little green to your space with a potted plant. A large potted plant helps bring the outdoors inside and adds a nice accent to the room. A row of small plants can also be a nice touch on a mantle or shelf. Potted herbs make a great addition to the windowsill in the kitchen.

5. Blanket and Throw Pillows

There\’s something cozy about a folded blanket on the couch. Add in some matching throw pillows and your couch becomes more than just a large piece of furniture in the living room. Instead, it\’s an inviting place to sit, kick back, and enjoy your space.

With these five easy tips, your rental space will welcome you home. Area rugs, wall decals, lighting, plants, and blankets with throw pillows help turn your rental into a cozy space to call your own.

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