How To Keep Your Customers Happy In 2023

Keep your customers happy in 20223
remember to keep your customers happy in 2023

Working outside has always been my thing since 2006, especially in the construction and maintenance industry and knowing the difference of how business was almost two decades ago and what a business is today, I have come to the conclusion of how to keep your customers happy in 2023.
I was not an entrepreneur at the time but many of the things I learned helped me to be a better server today and it is something I enjoy doing.

I worked 7 years in a small siding and roofing company where I learned repair and installation of exterior surfaces and after finishing my first job I went to my second job where I did building maintenance where I learned cleaning carpets, waxing floors and more.


My Former Boss’s Way Of Doing Business Almost Two Decades Ago

Despite the fact that I was working for another company, my mind was always in business and one of the things that I noticed was the way of doing business on that time, i’m talking about 15 years ago.

My boss has already been installing siding, roofing, windows and doors for 40 years and homeowners looked for Stanley Siding & Sons a lot, he had built a reputation that I have not seen in small businesses.

What impressed me the most was that my boss had no knowledge of customer service and had a strong Polish accent that was difficult for customers to understand.

But he had some skills that clients recognized immediately, he was always on time for appointments, very clean when doing work and finished projects on time. basically people were always satisfied with our work and I was happy to work in a place with an excellent reputation.

Stanley had the opportunity to create his company after the Vietnam War and also his business was present in the boom of the construction of houses of the 80s, 90s and early 2000s which was where his reputation grew.

I saw him rejecting projects, he rarely made repairs and I also saw him argue with contractors.

My boss retired and sold his business in 2012 but his business probably wouldn’t have survived today. He never wanted a website or a facebook page.


Time Have Changed

Technology and social media have changed the game of doing business, if you are running a business you have be able to entertain, creating content is the new way to show to your audience the values of the company.

And in this content you have to make sure to include everything you can do for your costumers also show why they should trust in your services or products, why you are different from the competition and what kind of solution you have to their problems.


What Your Customers Will Love About Your Business In 2023

Thanks to social platforms, communication and information is faster and establishing a business has become by 2023 a collaboration between server and consumer.

Customers like to be informed about new local solutions. One of the things my clients have in common is that they are always looking for services within a 20-30 mile radius.

Your client deserves all the attention you can give him. Other things that I hear a lot from new potential clients is when I go to the appointment for the first time and many of them complain about companies that never answer the phone or never come to their homes to give an estimate.

Always act quickly, the client will appreciate it. If your client does not get an estimate from your company in less than 24 hours, you could lose the business.

Optimize your website. Make sure your website is totally mobile friendly because today all generations of all ages are using mobile to search for information and connect with the world.

Have you heard the expression that your clients will become your friends before your friends become your clients?

The truth is that I have been hired by friends but it is also true that many of my clients have become very close me, some of them have my personal contact and also some of them text me for the holidays.

That’s just awesome and it’s very satisfying to have that kind of relationship because you know that in one way or another you are doing something right in your company.


Clearly as a human being we don’t know all the answers but as an established business you have to become a transparent resource that your customers can count on.

Express the passion you have for your services or product, be unconditional and turn your audience into VIP customers. Remember your they don’t hire you because you are the best but because they believe in what you offer.

I will always carry the commitment, responsibility, punctuality and professionalism of my former boss with me. Using digital platforms to share it is part of the company’s values ​​and implementing and improving those values ​​is what we work on every day.

This formula cannot fail to keep your customers happy in 2023.

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