How to hire a Janitorial Company

In these times, a janitorial job involves a lot more than just picking up a vacuum or mop. It is good to know that the company you hire is aware and committed to handling every aspect.

Important focal points range from on-site safety and trustworthiness to using products and procedures EPA & CDC approved for viral disinfection and prevention.

A professional cleaner will proudly understand the commitment and the purpose of his/her position when they are hired by a home or business owner, building manager, office manager etc.

Keeping a clean environment is not always easy but it plays a large role in overall operations. When your facility is free from clutter and contaminants, the people within feel safe and ready to focus on daily tasks.

A professional cleaner must have great energy and attitude, being effective with their time. They must possess the knowledge of which products should be applied to varying surfaces. Finally, they should demonstrate all safety techniques to protect equipment, customers, documents and themselves.

For 2020, sanitizing and disinfecting is the highest priority. Our biggest challenge is keeping everyone safe. Today we are working hard and pushing ourselves to bring better service and versatile measures in an effort to get through this difficult time.

As previously mentioned, a janitorial pro must have a great attitude. At Tafur LLC , we believe this characteristic plays an essential role in providing high performance. Only those with excellent work ethic will understand the overall complexity of the current situation and be willing to do what ever it takes to maintain the facility safety.

In years past, dust and bad odors were our biggest enemies. Now we are facing a bigger responsibility and are proud to say that we are ready to help.

Have you ever hired a Janitorial company?

Before bringing in a maintenance company, write down all the information that should be provided to them such as :

  • The square footage of your office, workplace or home.
  • All rooms and tasks you would like included in service.
  • Whether you have hardwood floors or carpets.
  • The best time for the crew to perform the work. (Usually after business hours for offices.)
  • If an associate or occupant has an allergy to any products such as bleach, hand soap, disinfectant etc.
  • Whether you prefer or require green products ?

What you should know about them

You want to make sure the company you are hiring is the right one and that they can handle the job. So it is time to do a little bit of homework.

Be sure to confirm the reputation of the company. A simple Google search will easily provide a starting point. If they don’t have any presence on the web, that could be a red flag.

Once you identify a company that fits your service needs and location, check for their reviews, website, social media channels and so on.

As a final step, ask for proof of insurance and be sure to understand their coverages.

In Other words

When you hire a company that is invested in their client relationship, you are sure to get your money’s worth. Principals and core values are often as important as the work experience. Partnering with a friendly, trained and legitimate crew is essential for your workplace, letting you focus on the things that really matter.

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