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7 Benefits of Homeschooling Your Children

There are many reasons why a greater number of parents are making the decision to homeschool their children.

For example, some parents feel like their kids are pushed too hard – or not hard enough – in public schools.

Others worry about the kind of kids their children will be subjected to in school.

Furthermore, some parents worry about their kids contracting serious illnesses while being exposed to lots of other students at school. In addition to the many reasons that parents decide to homeschool their children, there are also several benefits of doing so as well.

1. Greater Control Over Your Children\’s Education

The biggest benefit of homeschooling your children is that it gives you greater control over their education.

For instance, let\’s say that you have a child who is excelling in math but struggling in reading.

Instead of forcing your child to follow the standard curriculum – as is the case in most public schools – you can make adjustments to the curriculum to better suit their needs.

You have the power to speed up or slow down how quickly your kids must complete their schoolwork.

You get to decide how best to promote the educational growth and development of your children instead of a school administrator.

2. More Individual Attention

One of the biggest complaints that parents have about the public school system is its \”one-size fits all\” approach to education.

In other words, public schools are unable to offer students the kind of individualized attention that many of them need to improve their learning.

However, you have the ability to provide your children with individualized (one-on-one) attention to help them learn all of the curriculum.

That means you don\’t have to worry about your children falling behind in a subject because they aren\’t able to learn the material in a large classroom setting.

In a lot of ways, you will be teaching your kids in more of a \”tutoring\” format, which is often more conductive to learning.

3. Every Aspect of Life Becomes a Learning Opportunity

All learning doesn\’t have to take place during a certain period of time each day. Instead, you can incorporate learning into nearly every aspect of life.

For example, family outings to parks, museums, and historical sites can become field trips with educational benefits.

Incorporate do-it-yourself (DIY) projects around the house into art and shop class assignments.

Plant a garden to help your children study physical science. Basically, you can enjoy spending time together as a family while your children are learning.

4. Less Competition and Stress

Another common complaint that parents have about public schools is that they expose kids to a lot more competition with other students, which puts them under greater stress.

However, when you homeschool your children, they aren\’t exposed to that level of competition. Instead of trying to do well to prove their ability to other students, they can learn in a more relaxing and less stressful environment.

Your children won\’t have to stress about other students making better grades then them. Furthermore, you won\’t have to worry about unkind teachers (and students) hurting their self-confidence and self-esteem.

5. You Can Tailor the Curriculum

As a parent, you know your children better than anyone else. Therefore, you have better insights into developing curriculum that fits their learning style.

Back to the point about public schools relying on a \”one-size fits all\” strategy. Oftentimes, schools force all of the students in the same grade to study the exact same curriculum.

However, homeschooling your kids means that you can customize their curriculum.

You can select the type of workbooks and study manuals that you want them to use.

You can also find a growing number of online educational resources that can help your children learn as well.

6. Freedom to Teach Your Own Moral and Religious Principles

Many parents who hold strong religious beliefs don\’t like the idea of their children attending secular schools that prohibit religious study and expression.

For example, school prayer has been prohibited for several decades. Furthermore, many schools incorporate certain topics into their curriculum that some parents find objectionable.

As a homeschooling parent, you are free to include your own religious views and moral principles in the education of your children.

For example, if you find evolution to be controversial and you prefer your kids learn about creationism, you can teach them about creationism instead.

If you want to assign scripture readings for reading assignments, you can do that too.

7. More Protection from Bad Influences

As a parent, you can work really hard to provide your kids with a wonderful home.

You can work hard to protect them from objectionable behavior and promote good behavior instead.

Unfortunately, when you send your kids to a school, they are going to be surrounded by a lot of students–students that don\’t come from as great homes.

Furthermore, there\’s always a chance that your children could fall into the \”wrong crowd\” and get exposed to things like drugs, juvenile crime, and other dangerous situations.

While it\’s impossible to protect your kids from every type of bad element that they could possibly come into contact with, it\’s possible to limit their exposure to bad influences by homeschooling them.

You have the power to set a good example, as well as create the kind of positive environment at home that you want them to live and learn in.

In short, homeschooling your kids means that you are empowering yourself to be fully in charge of their education – instead of school administrators, staff, and teachers.

You can give your children more personalized attention to help them learn better, as well as incorporate learning into more areas of their life.

Many children find homeschooling less competitive and stressful than attending a public school.

You also have the power to tailor their curriculum to meet their unique learning needs.

Of course, you are allowed to include your own religious and moral principles into their learning as well.

Lastly, you can protect them from being exposed to many of the bad influences that they could encounter at school.



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