Exterior Home Maintenance

exterior home maintenance

Many of us want to live in clean environments at home but forget that the house\’s exterior. We focus so much on the interior such that the exterior is often neglected, not realizing that before someone discovers that you have a clean house inside, they would have to have noticed how the outside looks like. Therefore it is our duty as homeowners to ensure that the outside reflects what is inside and embrace exterior home maintenance. There is more to exterior home maintenance than making repairs. It also includes mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters and the driveways, and the decks.

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How to maintain your house’s exterior.

  • It would be best to clean the dryer exhaust because a clogged vent is very dangerous and can be a fire hazard.
  • Clean and repair the deck because dampness on the deck can lead to decay, making the wood weak and unsafe over time, potentially causing accidents.
  • You have to inspect the roof and walls. There might be debris build-up from the rain or even leaks that make the water get into the house. It would be best to check for areas that need repairs and work on them before it is too late.
  • It would help if you repaired the driveway, any holes, and cracks that may be in the driveway. If they are too big, then call professionals.
  • Check the gutter, repair, and clean.

Gutters may be full of leaves and debris. They are very important since they control the flow of rainwater.

They protect the roof, siding, and foundation. The gutters should be unclogged to prevent the top from leaking.

Therefore it is necessary to clean and repair the gutters. Gutters can be cleaned through pressure or power washing.

These two washing methods differ slightly because power washing consists of a heating element that pressure washing does not have.

Power washing uses high pressure to remove mold, fungi, chewing gum from hard surfaces.

Though it effectively removes the most stubborn stains, it should be used with caution because it is harsh on surfaces like concrete, masonry, anything painted or old.

However, you can consider it to clean pools. It is advisable to seek professional cleaning services when it comes to power washing because one mistake can lead to fatality.


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