How often to clean gutters

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Gutter cleaning is something that is often overlooked until a problem arises.  So, people may wonder what is the recommendation for how often to clean gutters out? 

Of course, your need will be dependent on your location and surroundings but it is highly recommended that you have them inspected at least once annually.


What happens if I don\’t clean out my gutters before winter?

If you live in an area with average to severe winters, excess leaves and debris in your gutters could freeze. 

This can lead to blockages, leaks, overflows, dangerous ice conditions or ruptured seams.  In worse cases, separation from the roof or the collapsing of one or more gutter systems or downspouts may occur.  For preventative measures, always have them inspected, and cleaned if needed, before the first full freeze of the winter season.

Is there ever a need to clean gutters in Spring?

Gutter cleaning is most commonly associated with Autumn and the falling of leaves. 

That being said, those that live in wooded areas may want to have a second gutter inspection in early Spring. 

When ice and snow collects in trees, the weight can break off dead branches and sticks.  These may end up inside your gutters and downspouts. 

Many companies; including our team here at Tafur LLC, will provide free inspections any time of year.  This is one of the many reasons to not put it off until leaks and overflows send a sad reminder.  A quick phone call and you will have peace of mind knowing what is going on up above!

Gutter Guards


Installing gutter guards will help to reduce the frequency of cleanings and repairs. 

Free inspections may be scheduled annually or bi-annually to be sure that things are working properly.  Cleanings should only be necessary once every few years, if that. 

There are different types of gutter guards for every look, function and budget.  Installation is affordable and can typically be completed in a single day. 

Here at Tafur LLC, we are happy to provide you with a free quote and diagnosis if you are interested in pursuing gutter guard options.  We also offer gutter repairs and all installations. 

Below you will find all of our special offers for gutter services.

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