Green energy options for homeowners in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts

Tafur LLC Green energy

Switching to green energy supply has become one of the main priorities in a world threatened by climate change.

Here are the options homeowners in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts have when it comes to switching to green energy.

  1. Green energy suppliers

Switching to a green energy supplier comes without the need for an upfront investment, which makes the option attractive to many. Options in the area include Clean Choice Energy, Think Energy or Verde Energy.

  1. Solar power

New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts are great regions for investments into solar power solutions. Install solar panels on your rooftop or take part in community programs.

  1. Wind & hydro power

Depending on your exact location, wind or hydro power may be best for your home. The former is excellent for those living in windy rural areas, where the mild noise pollution from wind turbines will not disturb anybody. The latter is by far the best option if you’re fortunate enough to have flowing water on your property.

  1. Invest in energy efficiency upgrades

From energy-saving lightbulbs to better insulation for your home, these can slash your environmental impact and energy bills. This is always important – no matter if you’re already using green energy solutions or not.



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