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At Tafur LLC, we fully understand that businesses have to juggle several organizational priorities on daily basis in order to stay competitive and thrive – facilities maintenance is just one of them.

This is why we made it our primary mission to help you with your maintenance and janitorial needs while allowing you to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Partnering with Tafur LLC will allow you to focus on your core competencies while our experts efficiently manage your ongoing facility maintenance and janitorial requirements.

Businesses juggle several organizational priorities on a daily basis—facilities maintenance is just one.

With Tafur LLC on your team, we can help with:

  • Eliminating the task of managing multiple service contracts by providing you with all-encompassing solutions under one roof
  • Enabling you to proactively create planned and corrective facilities maintenance strategies
  • Streamline your billing, reporting, and other administrative functions
  • Keep more of your staff focused on your bigger-picture corporate goals

We keep facilities operating at peak efficiency for hundreds of clients.

No matter the day or hour, our teams are available 24/7/365. And we’re your go-to source for emergency services.

You’ll find us dedicated to transparency, communication and attention to detail.

We work closely with you from the onset, developing a plan that reflect your specific needs and budget; then providing a clear scope of work and timeline.

What makes us different is… we represent the client!

With Tafur LLC, you’re not choosing between two maintenance companies; you’re choosing between the same thing you’ve always had, and an improved way of handling your janitorial and other maintenance services. You’re choosing a company that will become an extension of your management team with the ability to reduce the time and stress associated with managing your janitorial and other maintenance vendors.

Why continue to hire one maintenance company after another, resulting in the same problems, when you can hire a company that is committed to reducing your stress level and saving you time by managing all those services for you?

At Tafur LLC, we take great pride in our impeccable history of challenging conventions and moving boundaries.

As highly innovative, committed and dedicated maintenance agency, we are staying committed to our mission of moving the threshold of what is perceived as “possible” in the maintenance and janitorial field and challenging the conventions related to:

  • Helping you get the most efficeint cleaning & maintenance services at the most affordable rates
  • Transcending the Traditional approaches to maintenance
  • Generating new ideas and strategies
  • Finding better & more effective solutions

What people is saying about our maintenance services.

By doing business with us, you will be putting your something as important as your company’s maintenance and janitorial needs in safe hands by entrusting its development to the highest quality agency.

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The keys to successful maintenance are much more personalized for small & medium size businesses than they are for their massive Corporate counterparts.

If you are serious about getting an impeccable maintenance and cleaning service, you need a company that can meet your expectations efficiently to work by your side. That company is Tafur LLC.

Our highly qualified experts are not at your service only for the purposes of providing the maintenance services and consultation.

we take a unique approach of making sure our strategists are there for you to accompany and assist you through every step of the way to exceptional results.

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We have successfully completed hundreds of different projects and ventures in maintenance and janitorial field since our Company’s conception in 2019 and achieved tremendous growth during the previous years.

But we are still remaining animated by the very same drive, enthusiasm and energy that compels us to keep improving and staying committed to our vision.

Our maintenance service in Fairfield C has an impeccable track record of providing the highest quality cleaning and janitorial services that simply deliver.

Our Inspiration is shared by every single member of our dedicated team, and always ready to serve you and your specific needs.

We firmly believe that work should be both fulfilling and highly effective and that the two are inseparably intertwined.

We are decisively dedicated to aiming for the top, always striving to do better and surpass ourselves – for the benefit of every single of our clients, because your success is our success.

Are you ready to start on a road in maximizing your company’s success? Let’s have a chat about it.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, inquires or with a request for a free, no obligation consultation with our team.

Our experts are looking forward to hearing from you.


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