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A Clean Workplace Is Essential For Productivity.

It is no secret that a clean and tidy workplace is essential for productivity. You must consider this particular factor if you are running a business since it is the primary driver of leads and revenue. Certainly, You should strive for a clean and organized workplace to promote business growth. 

For that purpose, you must have dealt with multiple commercial cleaning services and come up with average results. Now you\’ll never have to deal with that again.

Fortunately, Tafur LLC commercial cleaning solution is one of our top and premium service. And we are proud to introduce our green commercial cleaning services in Fairfield County Connecticut, Middlesex County, New Haven County and Westchester County in New York.

We want to do things different. Our goal is provide an unconditional service and the healthiest environment to your customers and employees so you can focus on growing your business.

Moreover, we offer a variety of services that include janitorial services, carpet cleaning, green cleaning, window cleaning, hard floor care, pressure washing, construction cleaning, and day porter. 

Along with these, we’re also committed to offering disinfection services during the outbreak of Covid-19. 

Professional Commercial Cleaning Services Fairfield County Connecticut

If you’re willing to hire our team, here’s an insight into all details for office cleaning services that every office holder should know:

Decluttering office desks and cubicles before using

Clean and organized office desks and cubicles play a pivotal role in the performance of an employee. On average, an employee spends almost six hours sitting at a desk or using an office table to work fluently. 

A neat and well-ordered workplace can bring innovative results to the table. To provide an ideal workplace environment, our professionals will invest their tremendous efforts to meet your expectations. To help you in that case, here\’s a list of steps to follow:

  • Cleaning your computer screens regularly could protect you from infectious agents.
  • Keeping your keyboards dust-free is very important to prevent dust particles from collecting in gaps
  • The practice of emptying all dustbins daily is necessary to avoid foul odors
  • Cleaning air conditioners will help in the circulation of fresh air
  • Collecting all dirt particles under the working table, desk, and from floors
  • Disinfecting all work necessities before working could prevent the spread of diseases. Items such as tables, desks, keyboards, printers, remotes, phones, lamps, staplers, fax machines, and more may be required.

Taking all debris out of office kitchens and break rooms

It is the kitchens and break rooms of every office that require regular cleaning. Often, kitchens and break rooms are hotspots for germs because of their heavy use. 

Unlike bathrooms, kitchen sinks have a higher concentration of germs. Consequently, it is necessary to schedule a thorough clean-up before all workers arrive at the office. Following is a list of all steps that every office should take to keep its workplace tidy and healthy:

  • To prevent the production of germs, it is essential to throw away leftovers in the dustbin and discard expired food in the trash cans
  • Disposing of all garbage and recycling paper
  • Get rid of all expired food cans and useless items in the refrigerator
  • Disinfecting all kitchen shelves, stoves, sinks, and faucets
  • Cleaning desks, tables, and door handles with eco-friendly disinfectants
  • Drying all dishes and washing them
  • Cleaning coffee pots and removing coffee beans
  • Before using kitchen cabinets, dust them off and disinfect their handles
  • Keeping the kitchen floor clean
  • Vacuuming the floor of the break room and dusting the tables, chairs, and desks
  • Keeping a microwave oven, toaster, and blender clean
  • Cleansing drinking coolers with fresh water and ensuring pure water is available 

Enhancing the aesthetics of reception and waiting areas

All offices should provide a warm, welcoming environment to new visitors at their receptions or waiting areas. Providing a comfortable place for visitors with necessities can turn potential customers into loyal ones. 

Workplaces with good organizations tend to appeal to people. In addition, reception and waiting areas must have a variety of books, magazines, and newspapers to help visitors make good use of their time. If possible, provide a dispenser or a water cooler along with a glass or cup. Here’s a checklist of our commercial cleaning services that need to follow in the waiting area of every building:

  • Cleaning the welcome desk regularly is important to give visitors a positive impression of your company
  • Dust off all surfaces, tables, desks, cabinets, and chairs using a dusting cloth
  • Coolers with pure water and cups  should be available to all visitors
  • Organizing newspapers, magazines, and other reading material for visitors
  • Mopping on floors or vacuuming on carpets to achieve spotless floors
  • To avoid contact with toxic substances, disinfect surfaces people normally touch
  • Recycling all paper and emptying all trash cans
  • Cleaning windows, doors, and bookcases
  • Cleaning carpets after every three to four months is highly essential because they are breeding centers for bacteria, fungi, and viruses
  • A major part of our service is the use of multiple clothes for multiple surfaces
  • To make a good impression, declutter the table from useless objects and clean everything that has the company\’s information

Utilizing environment-friendly products to clean office bathrooms

Offices have many corners that need attention, but bathrooms need even more attention. This is because bathrooms are breeding centers for numerous germs that can become a cause of infectious diseases. 

As a result, all of our trained team members inspect and clean office bathrooms carefully with certified green products. Nevertheless, daily bathroom cleaning is necessary to maintain a healthy and tidy environment. Our team follows the following steps:

  • Keeping all toilet surfaces germ-free by cleaning and disinfecting them
  • The use of specific toilet bowl cleaners yields spotless results and enhances durability
  • Keeping sinks, faucets, sprinklers, door handles, and windows clean
  • Wash all bathroom floors with non-toxic cleaners and disinfect them
  • Cleaning and drying of all hard surfaces 
  • To promote a healthy living environment, select different clothes and brushes
  • Taking out all trash from the trash cans
  • The replacement of paper rolls
  • The use of glass cleaner in cleaning mirrors 
  • Ensure that hand dryers, exhaust fans, fans, and faucets are working correctly
  • Checking the functionality of all light bulbs
  • Hand wash should be available

Cleaning exterior area of the office 

If your office has an outdoor area, its cleanliness should be your top priority. The exterior areas of a building are of utmost importance, as they leave an everlasting impression on guests. 

If, however, you decide to hire our commercial cleaning services, then you should not worry. Our trained members understand your requirements, and they always provide exceptional results to establish a long-term relationship. Here\’s a list of the steps we intend to complete:

  • Clean the floor of all dust particles by sweeping
  • Clean the main door and windows and disinfect their handles with an environment-friendly disinfectant
  • Mats for welcoming guests should be free of dust particles of all kinds
  • Avoiding bad odors by emptying trash cans at the end of each day
  • Cleaning dirt from pots and watering plants regularly
  • Trimming of decaying branches and weeds so pests cannot enter
  • Parking areas should be free of unnecessary items

Why prefer Tafur LLC Cleaning Solution in a world full of options?

Here’s a list of all benefits that you can get after hiring our team of professionals:

  • Leading green commercial cleaning company
  • Maintain a healthy workplace and environment for both employees and customers
  • The use of HEPA filters in vacuum cleaners to reduce allergies
  • Use of green seal certified, biodegradable, nontoxic eco-friendly chemicals
  • Excellent References.
  • Suitable for cleaning offices of various shapes and sizes that are larger than 73 square feet
  • Providing effective disinfection services during the pandemic
  • Using advanced technologies to clean carpets effectively without damaging their fibers or durability
  • Provide top quality services at an affordable price
  • Have well-trained team members who understand current requirements
  • To earn customer satisfaction, the customer support team is available 24/7
  • Serving Fairfield County, Middlesex County, New Haven County in Connecticut and Westchester County NY

We\’re here to help you out if you\’re looking for reliable and affordable commercial cleaning services in Connecticut and New York.  We are a leading provider of commercial and janitorial cleaning services, with more than 15 years of experience. Through its use of green, clean chemicals that are free from toxic elements, Tafur LLC Property Maintenance and Cleaning Solution is setting a new example for the industry.

We also guarantee you that our courteous and professional employees will never let you down. We can certainly help your business grow successfully and give you an edge over your competitors. 

Above all, our multiple cleaning services are not only confined to offices but also multiple commercial buildings. The choice is now yours. What kind of cleaning service would you prefer to receive from our company?


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