How To Protect Your Cedar Roof From Moss And Mold In Connecticut.

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Over the years, cedar roofing has become a popular choice among homeowners of Connecticut and New England.

If you are an environmentalist, then cedar roofs are the only way to let your house mingle with the surroundings.

Besides this, if you live in an area where extreme climatic conditions like storms and blizzards are common, you should make the most cedar roofs.

The beautiful looks and the rustic style of these roofs will earn you envy from all your neighbors.

Although cedar roofs are a beautiful addition to your house and offer longevity, they can attract moss and mold.

Thus if you don\’t take prompt action in preventing and protecting your cedar roofs, they can soon get damaged.


What are the ways to prevent moss growth on your cedar roofs?

Check out the following factors and see whether you can relate to some of these:

  • Supplying constant airflow

If you live in a warm, damp, or heavily shaded region, then the chance of moss buildup on your roof increases exponentially.

Thus you will have to ensure that the cedar roof remains dry at all times by enabling constant airflow.

You will have to ensure that the cedar roofs receive this natural ventilation to prevent moss and mold buildup.

  • Removing debris

If your house is surrounded by lush greenery, then broken branches and fallen leaves might be expected on your roof.

So if you come across debris on your cedar roofing, you should sweep it off instantly.

This debris, when it gets accumulated on your roof, can trap moisture and prevent ventilation.

As you already know, your cedar roof becomes the breeding ground of fungus and moss if it becomes damp.

  • Cutting hanging branches

See whether any branches are hanging closely on any part of your cedar roof and determine whether you can cut it back.

You can see some roots rubbing with the cedar roofs, and you would have to cut these branches soon.

When the branches touch the cedar roofs, the roof is getting under a tree\’s shade and thus cannot receive any sunlight or air.

  • Applying copper and zinc strips

Experts believe that you can apply copper ridge flashings or zinc strips on your cedar roofing.

If you go for zinc strips, you will have to install them uniformly on your roof, and it will prevent fungal growth by launching zinc molecules during rainfalls.

What are the ill effects of moss and mold growth on cedar roofing?

Although moss might not look harmful initially, it is dangerous for your cedar roofing in several ways.

If you do not treat the moss instantly, it will gradually cover your entire roof and harm the cedar roofing structure in the process.

If you do not take the initiative in cleaning the moss, it can get severe and take the form of mildew and rot the roofs.

Over time this mildew can take over your entire roof, so to spread inside your ceilings and walls as well.

How can you remove moss and mold from the cedar roofing?

If you live in a cold region, you will find dark streaky stuff in the cedar roof, and it can be mold or algae or both.

While moss grows mostly on asphalt, algae feed on organic matter like leaves, branches that have fallen on the roof.

In case you fail to protect your cedar roof from mold and moss, you can follow these techniques to remove it:

  • Spraying bleach solution

The good old but utterly effective method for cleaning moss and mold involves preparing chlorine bleach and water.

After spraying this liquid on the affected areas, let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse it off with plain water.

Once the water dries off, sprinkle some moss control powder in the area to prevent further moss growth in your roof.

If you have plants on your roof, then make sure to protect those before starting the clean-up process.

  • Calling a professional

Even after trying the above method, if you can see mold and moss growth, you should let an expert deal with this.

Although the bleaching method is useful, it is toxic to plants, and if you cannot rinse it off thoroughly, it can damage the shingles of your roof.

Once you consult a professional and assess your \\cedar roof, they would recommend the best possible method to get rid of the mold.

  • Using a commercial cleaner

If you want to DIY the clean-up of the buildup, then you can purchase the commercial cleansers available in convenience stores.

Follow the instructions given in the pack and repeat the process if you are not happy with the results.

Although the commercial cleaners perform well when it comes to cleaning, the process is relatively slow.

And thus it might even take a few weeks to get rid of the moss and the strains associated with it.

So if you are in a hurry to make your roof moss-free, you should try other methods or consult with an expert.

What are some of the cedar roof maintenance tips that you should follow?

if you do not want to deal with the extensive clean-up process to put an end to mold buildup in your beautiful cedar roof, then follow these simple tips:

You can keep roof cleaning in your weekly schedule, you will manage to eliminate all the debris and leaves, which are the main culprits.

  • Applying a treatment product

Just after installing the cedar roofing, you can apply a formulated product to protect your roof against algae and moss.

For better results, use the solution on a freshly washed roof.

If the moss accumulation in your cedar roof is beyond repair, then you should replace the roofing with the assistance of a professional.



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