With over 15 years experience in facility and property restoration; working with business owners, property management, real estate agents and home owners, I have brought high end solutions to prevent deterioration and maintain and extend the health of the property. My responsibly is to deliver on our promise to execute high quality service, ensure the value of the customer investment and establish a close communication and trust with our clients.

Facilities Maintenance Service

Janitorial and office cleaning in Orange connecticut

At Tafur LLC, we fully understand that businesses have to juggle several organizational priorities on daily basis in order to stay competitive and thrive – facilities maintenance is just one of them. This is why we made it our primary mission to help you with your maintenance and janitorial needs while allowing you to focus […]

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How to hire a Janitorial Company

Janitorial en Connecticut

In these times, a janitorial job involves a lot more than just picking up a vacuum or mop. It is good to know that the company you hire is aware and committed to handling every aspect. Important focal points range from on-site safety and trustworthiness to using products and procedures EPA & CDC approved for […]

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Covid – 19 Update

tafur LLC Covid 19

2020 has been a tough year for everyone.  With our health at risk, the economy under pressure and new and senior entrepreneurs from different industries struggling to get through the situation, we all recognize the need to work together towards recovery and come back stronger than before.Here at Tafur LLC; we remain open and operating.  We […]

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How damaging is the moss on your house?

Moss Tafur llc

Have you ever asked yourself how bad the moss on your roof or siding could be for your home? Moss is the beginning of the end for the structure and health of your house. Regarding your own personal health and the air you are breathing; moss is not harmful to humans, but there are multiple […]

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