With over 15 years experience in facility and property restoration; working with business owners, property management, real estate agents and home owners, I have brought high end solutions to prevent deterioration and maintain and extend the health of the property. My responsibly is to deliver on our promise to execute high quality service, ensure the value of the customer investment and establish a close communication and trust with our clients.

Vermont Natural Coatings Poly Whey Furniture Finish.

Vermont Natural Coatings

I had the opportunity to work with Vermont Natural Coatings and I high recommend it. Made Green! This professional, water-based polyurethane not only enhances the innate beauty of wood, it preserves it with a durable shield that is environmentally safe. A unique whey formula and low-VOC content mean healthier air quality, so you won’t need […]

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Restore Your House Siding With A Low Pressure Washing Service

Property Maintenance source in Fairfield CT

Restoring your house siding using low pressure washing techniques can make an impressive and critical difference in the health of your home. Having performed over a thousand projects in the last 15 years, I can attest to the importance of keeping a house free of mold and mildew. It is something that most homeowners do […]

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Power washing Valentine’s Day Deal

Tafur LLC valentines deal

Please feel free to call or text to claim one of this awesome Valentine’s Day Deal (203)727-2126 or click here. For any House Washing or Roof soft washing get a free gutter cleaning Soft Pressure Washing Window Cleaning Gutter Cleaning Pressure washing +Window Cleaning +Gutter Cleaning Also visit ctJanitorial.com for office cleaning service.

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Moving in Together?

Tafur LLC moving together

Moving in with a partner is a big step in any relationship. However, your excitement can quickly take a toll for the worst if you aren’t prepared. Harmonious cohabitation could be considered an art that takes years to master, but fortunately, you’ve got these five practical tips to make the transition seamless. Prepare Ahead of […]

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A Professional Cleaning Service is a Homemaker’s Best Friend

House Cleaning in Connecticut

Any homeowner will admit that cleaning a home is not one of the top ten most enjoyable household tasks, but most families are aware that keeping a home spotless is an everyday chore that cannot be avoided. There is a service, however, that can lower the amount of day-to-day cleaning necessary and can reestablish a […]

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Green energy options for homeowners in New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts

Tafur LLC Green energy

Switching to green energy supply has become one of the main priorities in a world threatened by climate change. Here are the options homeowners in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts have when it comes to switching to green energy. Green energy suppliers Switching to a green energy supplier comes without the need for an upfront […]

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Winter Warmers for Your Dog

Winter Warmers for Your Dog

Does your dog get cold on winter walks? If they’re reluctant to go out or shiver as they go, you might want to treat them to the luxury of a coat. There are all sorts of coats, jackets and hoodies available for dogs, and other warmers, too. Most are washable and easy to fit, and […]

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