With over 15 years experience in facility and property restoration; working with business owners, property management, real estate agents and home owners, I have brought high end solutions to prevent deterioration and maintain and extend the health of the property. My responsibly is to deliver on our promise to execute high quality service, ensure the value of the customer investment and establish a close communication and trust with our clients.

Moss, Mold and Mildew Removal

Mold removal in Shelton CT

Do you worry about moss, mold and mildew growth on your roof or house? Are you tired of seeing your property deteriorate?Maybe you just don’t know where to go or who to trust when it comes to cleaning your exterior? For long-term peace of mind and trouble-free service, Tafur LLC commercial and residential maintenance is […]

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Facilities’ Maintenance in Shelton CT

Property Maintenance

We want to invite you to discover what your home could look like by hiring our property maintenance services such as Pressure Washing, window Cleaning, gutter cleaning, painting and more. It makes us very happy to know that we have the ability to restore the surfaces of your home not only to improve the way […]

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A Clean Workplace Is Essential For Productivity.

clean workplace

It is no secret that a clean and tidy workplace is essential for productivity. You must consider this particular factor if you are running a business since it is the primary driver of leads and revenue. Certainly, You should strive for a clean and organized workplace to promote business growth.  For that purpose, you must […]

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Signs Your Community Enjoys Great Apartment Management

apartment management Connecticut

When potential residents are looking for a new community to live in, they should take the time to learn about the apartment management company in charge of the property. That’s because the apartment management company can make a big difference when it comes to how much a resident enjoys living in the community. Here are […]

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Power Washing in Norwalk CT

Norwalk, CT House Washing

We love to share the experience with the community. Today we want to show you our preview Power Washing in Norwalk CT. We also serve House and roof soft washing all around Connecticut: Fairfield County. New Haven County. Middlesex County. Westchester County NY. For a free estimate call or text (203) 727-2126. What our clients […]

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How To Protect Your Cedar Roof From Moss And Mold In Connecticut.

Tafur LLC Cedar Roofing Cleaning

Over the years, cedar roofing has become a popular choice among homeowners of Connecticut and New England. If you are an environmentalist, then cedar roofs are the only way to let your house mingle with the surroundings. Besides this, if you live in an area where extreme climatic conditions like storms and blizzards are common, […]

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How to Choose a Responsive and Transparent Professional Manager to Safeguard Your Property?

property manager in Tafur LLC

Rental property is a resource that requires proactive and proficient administration to protect it appropriately. Your property needs an authorized, experienced property manager who is responsive and straightforward. Property maintenance can be a staggering task, particularly in case you are a first-time landowner. Many questions must have crossed your mind. What qualities do you need […]

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