100 Maintenance Tasks For Your House Yearly

100 home maintenance tasks for your house every year

Home maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity and safety of your house. While not all tasks need to be performed every year, here’s a list of 100 maintenance tasks that you may need to consider on an annual or regular basis, depending on your home’s specific needs:

  1. Clean gutters and downspouts.
  2. Inspect and repair roof damage.
  3. Check for and seal roof leaks.
  4. Trim tree branches near the house.
  5. Clean or replace chimney flue.
  6. Check and clean dryer vent.
  7. Inspect and clean HVAC filters.
  8. Service your HVAC system.
  9. Test and replace smoke detector batteries.
  10. Test and replace carbon monoxide detector batteries.
  11. Clean and repair windows and screens.
  12. Inspect and repair exterior siding.
  13. Pressure wash the exterior.
  14. Inspect and repair foundation cracks.
  15. Check for termite damage.
  16. Inspect and repair garage door and opener.
  17. Lubricate garage door tracks and rollers.
  18. Check and tighten door and window hardware.
  19. Caulk around windows and doors.
  20. Inspect and repair fences and gates.
  21. Clean and seal deck or patio.
  22. Inspect and repair deck or patio structure.
  23. Clean and repair outdoor furniture.
  24. Inspect and repair outdoor lighting.
  25. Clean and maintain the lawnmower.
  26. Service and store gardening tools.
  27. Clean and organize the garage.
  28. Inspect and repair driveway and walkways.
  29. Clean and repair exterior light fixtures.
  30. Inspect and repair outdoor plumbing.
  31. Check and clean outdoor drains.
  32. Seal asphalt or concrete driveways.
  33. Inspect and repair outdoor stairs.
  34. Clean and maintain the barbecue grill.
  35. Inspect and repair outdoor sprinkler system.
  36. Clean and maintain outdoor play equipment.
  37. Trim and maintain landscaping.
  38. Fertilize the lawn.
  39. Prune shrubs and trees.
  40. Mulch garden beds.
  41. Weed the garden.
  42. Inspect and clean the rainwater gutter system.
  43. Check for and repair plumbing leaks.
  44. Flush and drain the water heater.
  45. Inspect and repair bathroom caulking.
  46. Clean and repair bathroom exhaust fans.
  47. Test and repair toilet flapper valves.
  48. Inspect and repair bathtub and shower grout.
  49. Check for and repair faucet leaks.
  50. Clean showerheads and aerators.
  51. Clean and disinfect garbage disposal.
  52. Inspect and repair kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
  53. Lubricate door hinges and locks.
  54. Check for and repair door and window drafts.
  55. Inspect and clean the refrigerator coils.
  56. Clean and maintain the oven and stovetop.
  57. Check for and repair dishwasher leaks.
  58. Inspect and repair washing machine hoses.
  59. Clean and maintain the dryer vent.
  60. Test and replace water softener resin.
  61. Inspect and repair water heater pressure relief valve.
  62. Clean and maintain the range hood.
  63. Inspect and repair electrical outlets and switches.
  64. Check for and repair electrical wiring issues.
  65. Test and reset GFCI outlets.
  66. Inspect and repair attic insulation.
  67. Check for and repair attic leaks.
  68. Clean and maintain attic ventilation.
  69. Inspect and clean the crawl space.
  70. Check and clean sump pump.
  71. Inspect and clean the sewage ejector pump.
  72. Test and replace thermostat batteries.
  73. Inspect and repair doorbell and intercom systems.
  74. Check and repair security alarm system.
  75. Clean and maintain ceiling fans.
  76. Inspect and repair attic fans.
  77. Check for and repair cracks in interior walls.
  78. Inspect and repair interior door hardware.
  79. Clean and repair interior light fixtures.
  80. Test and replace HVAC thermostat.
  81. Inspect and clean air ducts.
  82. Clean and maintain carpet and flooring.
  83. Inspect and repair cracks in the basement floor.
  84. Check for and repair basement leaks.
  85. Inspect and clean basement sump pit.
  86. Test and replace batteries in carbon monoxide detectors.
  87. Clean and maintain fire extinguishers.
  88. Inspect and clean crawl space vents.
  89. Test and replace door weatherstripping.
  90. Inspect and repair attic stairs or ladder.
  91. Check and clean the central vacuum system.
  92. Inspect and repair baseboard heaters.
  93. Test and replace attic fan thermostat.
  94. Inspect and repair wall insulation.
  95. Check for and repair foundation settling.
  96. Clean and maintain interior blinds and curtains.
  97. Inspect and repair built-in appliances.
  98. Check for and repair water damage on ceilings.
  99. Clean and maintain kitchen exhaust fan.
  100. Inspect and repair garage insulation.

Remember that not all homes require all of these maintenance tasks annually. Prioritize based on your specific home’s needs and consult with professionals for complex tasks or if you’re unsure about any maintenance issues.

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