10 Best House Siding Restoration Transformations in Fairfield County

Siding Restoration of Shelton CT

We were fortunate to capture our best house siding restoration transformations in Fairfield County Connecticut on camera and want to share those moments with you.

It\’s amazing how new the siding of your house can look with a proper soft wash.

Every year we serve hundreds of homeowners, helping to remove mold, moss, efflorescence and mildew from the siding of your house.

If you are happy with our service, we are happy as well. As a family business, we feel blessed with our team and their commitment to work with the same energy and great attitude everyday.

We hope you are inspired by the transformation results below! Understanding that house maintenance is a time consuming endeavor, we are here to serve our community in preventing deterioration of your investment.

Every project has a different challenge and every challenge is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our knowledge and experience with the purpose of restoring the exterior surface of your house.

Our company feels fortunate to make a difference and create a healthy environment for your home and property using soft pressure washing techniques.

1. Vinyl Siding Pressure Washing in Shelton CT

Power Washing in Shelton ConnecticutPressure Washing en Shelton CT

Our client recently moved from New York and purchased his new home. This house had not been washed before being listed on the market and needed some attention; giving our work team the opportunity to restore its surface.

The biggest challenge in restoring this siding was reaching the mold on the highest edges of the house.

It was necessary to spray detergent directly on the affected areas; fortunately our special equipment can reach up to 3 stories. The sides with more contamination required a couple repeated washes.

2. Restoring White Siding in Stratford CT

Personally, cleaning white siding is my favorite because the results are brilliant and really noticeable. After our soft washing technique, this color siding always stand out looking bright white. This time was no exception!

Happily, customer satisfaction was 100% after our cleaning technicians were able to successfully remove mold and mildew.

The biggest challenge in this project was the temperature. Although the temperature was above freezing; as is necessary, working with water at or around 40 degrees Fahrenheit is not easy.

It was also a very windy day which makes the temperature feel a few degrees lower.

3. Wood Siding Mold Removal in Westport CT

It is never easy to remove mold from wood siding. Vinyl siding can accommodate a bit more pressure than wood siding can so the only time that high pressure can be applied to wood siding is…NEVER.

Low pressure washing or soft washing is the only way to preserve the quality of the surface material and the paint that is protecting it.

A project like this requires knowledge and patience to perform a high quality service, always keeping in mind to protect and not damage the wood siding.

I always recommend that a homeowner hires a professional company if they are looking to clean wood siding.

4. Blue Vinyl Siding Cleaning in Orange CT.

The client could not believe the result and her happy face was priceless.

This is one of the reasons why we get up every day to offer service.

Despite the high contamination of mold on this siding, we consider it to be a normal, routine day and are thankful that we were able to give value to the client\’s investment.

5. Vinyl Soft Washing in Milford CT.

A considerate daughter hired us to pressure wash her mother\’s house. I recall that she didn\’t have high hopes for the outcome and asked us to try our best.

Here, 90% of the house had a layer of ugly black and green mold and the contamination spread through the gutters, windows, flashing and siding.

This was a great opportunity to show our skills and give peace of mind to our elderly client.

After a few hours of consistent work, we were able to totally change the face of this house.

Now the real color of the siding is restored and the gutters, flashing and windows look like new.

Both our client and our team were happy to see the finished results.


6. Cedar Siding Restoration and Cleaning Solution in Stamford CT

The most important thing is not to panic and manage projects like this in the best possible way to achieve the best possible results.

Once again; to get the result we want, we must execute a low-pressure washing technique that requires different steps.

The first step is using the right detergent to help soften the black mold accumulated on the cedar siding and then apply low pressure washing.

Cedar Siding is fragile and we have to ensure not to leave marks created by the water pressure. Additionally, a very low pressure ensures that pressure washing does not weaken the quality of the surface.

Cleaning this kind of surface is always tricky and requires that the technician be focused and well versed in this restoration process using correct pressure, distance and timing.

We took the time to do it right and bring back healthy looking siding.

Our clients informed us that they had considered replacing it with vinyl siding but are now happy that they made the decision to have the cedar siding cleaned instead.

Siding restoration is what we do and again we were happy to be able to help.

7. Vinyl Siding Restoration in Stratford CT

I remember it was a beautiful, sunny day when we were scheduled to wash this house.

I also remember noticing that the back wall did not receive any sunlight even on that bright, summer day. This meant moisture was accumulating, turning into mold.

The thing is; once mold starts to grow, it doesn\’t stop. Moisture will keep feeding it and aid it in expanding all over the surface.

Our mission to restore the exterior surface of this house was accomplished. We actually never met with the customer in this instance but they left a kind review on our google business platform.

8. Back Wall Restoration in Easton CT

We are a family business and it is very important for us to reflect that in our service.

One of our focuses is to be unconditional with our customers, listening their needs and find solutions that work for all involved.

In this case, the client asked us if it were possible to get the job done on a Sunday. We were able to make accommodations to fit the busy schedule of the customer. If you have a special request, please feel free to ask, we will do our very best to work with you!

9. House Soft Washing in Trumbull CT

I love the way this siding looks after the soft wash. The real color of the surface is back and it\’s very nice to see all that mold and mildew gone.

We enjoy going above and beyond and; although not in the original proposal, the job just didn\’t feel complete until we cleaned up the white fence alongside the house as well. It took just a few extra minutes to give 100% satisfaction.

10. Shed Vinyl Siding Restoration in Norwalk CT

When I went to provide a free consultation for this property, the client was unsure whether he should get rid of this shed. I let him know right away that we could make the exterior look good as new.

Fulfilling your promises is very important in any business and this was no exception. I was positive that we could get the shed free of mold and usable again.

All four walls of this shed were restored successfully saving time and money for our client in Norwalk Connecticut.

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